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Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What ages can play in Barnegat Soccer?

A.  Recreation we accept 3 to 14 year old players. Players Must turn 3 on/before the start of the season and turn 14 at/after the end of the season. Travel we accept 6-18 year old players.

Q.  When and where are games played?

A.  Recreation Games are played Saturdays anywhere from 8AM to 2PM at the Barnegat Soccer Fields. Travel has 5 home games and 5 away games. Away games will vary depending on the competition. Travel Games, depending on the League you are playing in, can be scheduled anytime between 9am-4pm and are typically held on either Saturdays or Sundays.

There are also occasional night games scheduled, particularly if we need to reschedule for rainouts.

Q. How many weeks is a season?

Recreation there can be 6-10 games per season. We offer Fall & Spring Soccer as well as Indoor Winter & Outdoor Summer Camps. Winter Camp is held in one of the Barnegat Township Schools.

Travel there can be 10+ games played per season. Travel participates in the Leagues in the Fall & Spring seasons. Some travel teams also join Clinics and Tournaments in the off seasons.

Q. Where are practices held?

A. All Practices are held at the Barnegat Soccer Fields located at 1001 Barnegat Boulevard, Barnegat NJ 08005,  just west of Rt.9 in the Barnegat Sports Complex.

Q.  When are practices held?

A.  Recreation practices are typically one day a week. The day is set by the coach, so we can not tell you what day your practice will be until coaches are assigned. If there is a particular day you can not practice, we do our best to accomodate that. You can enter that information during the registration process.  Travel teams practice 2 nights a week with additional practices offered throughout the season.

Q.  What does the recreation registration fee include?

A.  The recreation registration fee includes the season rate and a full uniform. No other fees are needed.

Q. What is the refundable family bond fee?

A. We ask that parents/guardians (18 years and older) of our recreation players  help us during the season.  We collect the bond fee at the time of registration and once a family completes the required hours set by the club the bond fee is refunded.

Q. What does the travel registration fee include?

A. The season rate and referee fees needed for the home travel games.  Uniforms, Tournaments and team related gear such as soccer bags, sweatshirts, T-shirts, etc. are an additional cost.

Q. Is there a refundable bond fee for travel players?

A. No there is no bond requirement or fee for travel players since they travel away for half their seasonal games; however parents/guardians and players are expected to help with team fundraising events and travel related field work.

Q.  What equipment does each player need?

A.  Every player is required to have shin guards, soccer cleats and an appropriate sized soccer ball.

3 to 8 year old players use a size 3 ball. (Micros and Lowers Divisions)

9 and older players use size 4. (Uppers Division)

Q.  Where can I get shin guards, ball and cleats for my child?

A.  All equipment can be found Dick’s Sporting Goods, Walmart or Model’s.

There is also an “Exchange Bin” for cleats in the clubhouse.   Feel free to take, donate or exchange.

Q.  What if my child is too old to play recreation or wants to go to a traveling program?

A.  Barnegat Soccer Club participates in the local Ocean Recreation Traveling Soccer League, competitive Mid New Jersey Youth Soccer Association League and the advanced competitive EDP League – contact Barnegat Soccer Club for more information at

Q.  Do we have to live in Barnegat to play?

A.  No, not at all.  We do not restrict players by where they live; however we do give consideration to Barnegat and Waretown Residents before out of town players.

Q.  Are there any “All-Girls” teams?

A.  Yes. Travel teams are divided by age and sex (however Girls are allowed to play on a Boys Team but not vise versa).  Only Recreation teams are Co-Ed.

Q. What if my child(ren) want to participate but our family cannot afford the fees?

A. We believe no child should be denied the opportunity to participate in youth soccer regardless of their financial, family or personal circumstances. We have programs available to qualifying families to help. Please contact us directly at

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