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GRADE 9 Recreational Referee Requirements and Information


This class is geared toward the youth referee who wants to start officiating recreational games as well as working as an assistant referee for competitive travel games up to U14. 


1.     Minimum 14 years of age on the day of the class, NO EXCEPTIONS

2.     Can only be a referee for  RECREATIONAL soccer games and an Assistant Referee for Competitive Youth games up to U14

3.     Cannot be a REFEREE for  travel games, only an assistant referee up to U14

4.     Must complete MANDATORY online grade 9 training modules PRIOR to attending class.  Directions and links below

5.     Must attend a one day classroom session in its entirety

6.     Pass a 50 question multiple choice classroom exam with a score of at least 80%

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Grade 9 Referee Classes are held by club request only.  In order to allow the club to register their members first, the class will not open for general registration until date listed.  Once the date is reached, no code will be needed to register.

Grade 8 Referee: Competitive Youth Games

Requirements and Information

This Grade 8 Referee class is to certify referees for the competitive youth game.  Grade 8 referees may officiate both recreational and competitive "travel" soccer games.  The Grade 9 course is not required before taking the Grade 8.

Must be 16 yrs of age the day of the class, no exceptions.

All referees 18yrs of age or older will submit to a background check, this is part of the registration process

Class fee: $160.00 fee includes USSF registration, classroom fee and Referee Starter kit .  More information will be provided at the class on how to order etc. Order form will be sent to you once you successfully complete all class requirements.

If you do not complete all the prerequsite training, do not bring certificates to the class or for any other reason you do not or cannot attend, you will be refunded only the uniform and USSF registration costs, $90. The class fee of $65 plus a $5 administrative charge is nonrefundable.  Your registration for the class demonstrates your agreement and understanding of this policy.


1) Register and pay for a course: Click here for REGISTRATION

Read and understand the refund policy before you register

2) Complete the online training: Click here for access to online training, 


The online training consists of 18 modules

You will be prompted to input your name, state, email address and course number for each module

When you complete each module you will receive a Certificate of Completion

You can immediately print the certificate and it will also be emailed to you, if you do not get the Certificate you have done something wrong

You MUST print or be able to show on a mobile device all 18 certificates of completion the morning of class, if you do not bring them you will not be permitted to attend the class.


3) Attend the class and pass the in-class exam, minimum score of 80%



New Jersey State Referee Committee | Becoming a Referee

New Jersey State Referee Committee | Becoming a Referee

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