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MVP Highlights


September 29th & 30th

9-30-18 - Makayla Long - M6 - Eagles.jpe
Makayla Long

Makayla Long is the MVP of Team Eagles 🦅  M6. Makayla was outstanding the entire game. She was persistent on offense, scoring 3 goals, and an animal on defense. She was very helpful and cooperative during the game. She was the first to volunteer to play, when others didn't want to, and she played with heart the entire game. She is a great example of what it means to me a team player, and that's why she is the MVP.

9-30-18 - Jake Kielb - Lowers Team #1 -
Jake Kielb

Jake Kielb was the MVP for the L2 Foxes in their 3-3 tie today vs L6, scoring 1 goal on 5 shots.

9-30-18 - Michael Merlin - Uppers Team #
Michael Merlin

This Saturday's Uppers Team #2 MVP.  Focus and Determination in Today's Game.  Didn't let anything get by him!

9-30-18 - Eli Hasting - U8 - Blast.jpeg
Hudson Landgraf

Hudson's hat trick helped lead the charge in the first game of the morning for the U8 Blast, which ended in a 6-0 victory over Toms River Netherlands.

9-30-18 - Brennan Seibel's - U8 - Blast.
Eli Hastings

Eli's high energy play helped lead the charge in the first game of the morning for the U8 Blast, which ended in a 6-0 victory over Toms River Netherlands.

9-30-18 - Max Yudman - U8 - Blast.jpeg
Max Yudman

The U8 Blast came back from a goal down twice with the help of Max Yudman providing the spark for the 3-2 victory in their 2nd game of the day!

9-30-18 - Hudson Landgraf - U8 - Blast.j
Brennan Seibel

Brennan's defense helped provide the spark for the 3-2 victory in the U8 Blasts' second game of the day on Saturday!

October 6th & 7th

Jamie White - 10-6-18.jpeg
Jamie White

Jamie played outstanding as a team leader and the winning goalie for the Lightning Boltz travel team.  Congratulations!

Ryan Slade - 10-6-18.jpeg
Ryan Slade

Ryan scored his first goal of the season for the Strikers travel team.  Congratulations!

Keira Feeny - 10-6-18.jpeg
Keira Feeny

M-6 Eagles 🦅 Keira Feeny was our MVP of the game. Keira was relentless. She challenged every single player on the opposing team, and played with PASSION. She ran up and down the field scoring a goal, and saving tons of goals from being scored against us. Her raw talent and ability are amazing, and she has heart. I couldn't be more proud or honored to be her coach. Beast mode was activated. Great job Keira! 

Mark - 10-6-18.jpeg
Mark Diaz Jr.

Mark is our MVP!  His soccer skills are amazing, he's always helping us by scoring, passing, and taking a break when needed. He's a team player and a great kid! 

Faith Marone - 10-6-18.jpeg
Faith Marone

Faith Marone is our MVP for her dedication and the effort she puts all over the field! Good job this weekend! Coach Wagner and Marc

Branson DeCicco - 10-6-18.jpeg
Branson DeCicco

Micros Team 2,  Chihuahuas has nominated Branson DeCicco as today's team MVP.  Branson scored our only goal with a beauty of a shot from over half field while running into an opposing player. He continues to work hard to on both Offense and Defense to help his team win.  He is looking forward to getting the gloves on and owning the  goal with Lowers next year. Branson thank you for your hard work.!

Julius 10-6-18.jpg
Julius Petito

Julius was nice enough to help out during our game because we were short on players. He was our MVP Saturday!

x - 10-6-18.jpg
Zane Kasprovitz

Zane was tenacious and played hard all game, earning our team's MVP honors!

Briellle Pretty 10-6-18.jpeg
Brielle Pretty

L-3 Dragons 10/6 Game MVP Brielle Pretty. Brielle played her heart out the entire game. She was so aggressive, and strong. She was everywhere on that field. Defense, offense, in the goal, up the sidelines and so on. Wherever the ball was she was, and she kept the pressure on the ENTIRE game. She loves soccer and you can tell by her dedication to the sport, and how much passion she plays with. I'm so happy she's a Dragon, and that she is our MVP! 

October 13th & 14th

Brad Birch 10-13-18.jpg
Brad Birch

Arsenal U14B MVP for Sunday's away game is Brad Birch.  Brad played an amazing game denying a penalty kick and coming out on multiple occasions to deny goal scoring opportunities.  He took many hits today and kept on playing!  Way to go Brad!!!

Adriana Mustillo 10-13-18.jpeg
Adriana Mustillo

Adriana Mustillo,MVP game 1 today. Her on target passing, great shooting and overall teamwork led to our first win of the day. Great job. 

Gwen Schaab 10-13-18.jpeg
Gwen Schaab

Gwen Schaab, MVP  game 2. Gwen was like a brick wall defending today, stopping every player attempting to get by. Awesome job Gwen!

Jenna Hoger 10-13-18.jpeg
Jenna Hoger

Lightening Boltz won 6-1.  Jenna Hoger was named MVP.  Coach Joe remarks: The reason I'm giving it to her today is she hustled with all her heart and scored two of our 6 goals.

Frank Gembry 10-13-18.jpeg
Frank Gembry

M-6 Eagles, Frank Gembry played his heart out. He was on the field whenever we needed him, and a beast on offense, and defense. He made great passes to his teammates, and assisted in both goals that were scored during our game. He played selflessly, and really showed what it meant to be a team player. That's why he is our MVP! Way to go Frank! 

Savannah D'agostino 10-13-18.jpg
Savannah D'agostino

Savannah scored her first goal today and was great all day while playing as a forward.

Joe Hanson 10-13-18.jpg
Joe Hanson

Our MVP is Joe Hanson!  Joe played an incredible game as Goalie today!  He was aggressive coming out to challenge breakaways and made over two dozen saves!  He kept strong the entire game and never gave up!  Way to go Joe!!!  Team Arsenal appreciates and recognizes your persurvierence today!!!  Thank you!!

Samantha Ryan and Briellle Pretty 10-13-
Samantha Ryan and Kelliyanna Pretty

L-3 Dragons 🐉 Samantha Ryan and Kelliyanna Pretty were our MVPs for our game on 10/13. We picked the both of them because they played their butts off. They were everywhere the ball was, and they kept the pressure on the goal, and the pressure on the defense. They both had numerous shots on the goal and great saves on defense. Every single week they are getting better and better, and I couldn't be more proud to be their coach. These two girls dominated the field, and they deserve to be recognized for their outstanding game! Go girls! 

Kaycie Batchelor 10-22-18.jpeg
Kaycie Batchelor

Kaycie held down the fort in central defense for the Tide today in a 4-0 win against TRFC. She was aggressive throughout the game and minimized any scoring chances for the other team. Way to go, Kaycie and the entire Tide team.

John Evans 10-22-18.jpeg
John Evans

John Evans is the MVP of the week for the Barnegat Blast. John had a goal and had some great saves in goal. John plays fearlessly on the field every week and has improved his ball control greatly this season. 

Matthew Stetson 10-22-18.jpg
Matthew Stetson

Matthew Stetson is our MVP for our game against Union Beach on Sunday, Oct. 21st.  Matt's aggression, speed and determination put us on the score board in today's game!  Keep up the good work Matt!

Sean O'Neill and Thomas Giacco 10-22-18.
Sean O'Neill & Thomas Giaccio

Sean O'Neill and Thomas Giaccio are our MVP's from Saturdays 4-1 win over East Brunswick.  Their aggression and on target shooting kept us on the winning side the entire game.  Great Job Sean and Tommy!!!!

Avery 10-22-18.jpeg
Avery  Ernest

Avery is this week's MVP for M4 Lightning. In this week's game she almost scored her first goal.

Chancellor Joseph 10-22-18.jpg
Chancellor Joseph

Our MVP for L6 is Chancellor Joseph with 6 goals !!

Gunner Horner 10-22-18.jpeg
Gunner Horner

MVP for M3 Eagles 🦅 was Gunner Horner. Gunner did a good job playing the ENTIRE time. We were short some players, and he went in, and stayed persistent the ENTIRE game! He did he job of defense and offense, and tried his best to keep up even when he was tired, and ready to go take a water break! His persistence, and dedication to his team made him a sure thing for MVP for our game on 10/20! Good Job Gunz! 

Abigail Ulrich and Caeden Zarenkiewicz.j
Abigail Ulrich and Caeden Zarenkiewicz

MVP 10/20 L3 Dragons we have Abigail Ulrich and Caeden Zarenkiewicz. Abigail was RUTHLESS throughout the entire game. She was defending our territory with every single bit of her body and soul. She was keeping the pressure on offense, and stopping anyone she came in contact with despite her size she was FIERCE and amazing. I'm so proud to be her coach! 
Caeden was unbelievable ALL GAME. He was on defense making amazing saves, and killing it on offense! He was all over the field, and AGGRESSIVE as they come. Caeden is extremely talented, and he gets it! He's a true force to be reckoned with no matter where you put him on the field, and that includes being the Goalie. He made some pretty awesome saves while playing goalie, but he made a save that was so beautiful I don't think I've ever seen a pro do it better! He was CAPTIVATING to watch! Super proud of you both! Go Dragons! 

James DeAngelo 10-22-18.jpg
James DeAngelo

MVP James DeAngelo. James is playing so good as defender this season. He showed it again today and was a big part in another win for the Vipers.

October 20th & 21st

October 20th & 21st

October 28th & 29th

Michael Dirico 10-29-18.jpg
Michael Dirico

Our MVP for today's game is Michael Dirico for working hard and giving his all (and his wrist) in last week's game!  Congrats Mike!  We missed you on the field today but so glad you could come out to support your team!  

November 3rd & 4th

Rylee Giaccio and Cadence Melillo 11-5-1
Rylee Giaccio and Candence Melillo

Tide U9G Co-MVPs: Rylee Giaccio and Cadence Melillo. Rylee and Cady combined to sure up the Tide's defense and hold Berkeley scoreless after the Tide conceded 2 goals early in the game. Cady added a goal in the second half to secure a 2-2 comeback tie for the Tide. 

Cash Horner 11-5-18.jpeg
Cash Horner

L3 Dragons MVP for 11/3 is Cash Horner. Cash has been trying to master the position of goalie all season long. He's really excited about it, and really wants to be a great goalie. Today he proved that he has what it takes to be a game changer! The game was tied up, not only because of the hard work of all of the Dragons who played their hearts out, but because Cash made some SICK saves in the goal. He was diving, putting his body in front of the ball, and super aggressive even coming out of the box to stop a breakaway, challenging and offender on his own! Great job Cash, you earned MVP! Super proud of you! 

Nixon Horner 11-5-18.jpeg
Nixon Horner

M6 MVP Nixon Horner 11/3! Nixon is the MVP because of his absolutely awesome job of helping out the opposing team. We had some short players, and Nixon without hesitation volunteered to go and play on the other team, and lend them a helping hand, and be there for when the Awesome, hardworking M3 Bears players needed a break. He took his job playing against his own team seriously, and played as if he was a Bear, and for that he is the MVP because of his selfless act of kindness! Way to go Nixy! 

CJ and Lyle 11-5-18.jpeg
CJ Cooper and Lyle Bragg

M4 - Lighting players of the week. CJ and Lyle played hard and never gave up. These two played the whole game and scored a few goals despite the team being down a few players.

Adrianna Mustillo 11-5-18.jpg
Adriana Mustillo

Arsenal U14B MVP is Adriana Mustillo!  Adriana was a force on the field at Sundays away game.  She was fearless challenging her opponents for possession of the ball.  She started many of our goal scoring opportunities with her ability to gain, maintain control and then deliver awesome passes that opened us up for goal scoring opportunities! Congratulations Adriana for a great performance!

Alyssa Becker 11-5-18.jpg
Alyssa Becker

Alyssa was super tough all game, fighting through a knee injury to score two goals. Her tenacity always makes her a force to be reckoned with for BSC Chelsea M1.

Chris Grant 11-5-18.jpg
Chris Grant

Chris has been a monster on defense all season. His big boots and marking skills have kept BSC Chelsea M1 undefeated all season.

November 10th & 11th

Roman Palumbo 11-12-18.jpg
Roman Palumbo

Roman has been an all around dominant force for BSC Chelsea M1 all season. He is our leading scorer, but also loves assisting his teammates and playing defense when needed.

Jasmine Rodriguez 11-12-18.jpg
Jasmine Rodriguez

MVP for yesterday's game is Jasmine Rodriguez.  Jasmine played an incredible game chasing down and preventing several breakaways from becoming goals.  Strongly defending in center defense and working together with the other defenders to pull several off-side calls in our favor.  Great job Jasmine!!!!

Kayla Baccigupi and Reilly Baffuto 11-12
Kayla Baccigalupi and Reilly Baffuto

Tide U9 Co-MVPs: Kayla and Reilly had a goal a piece for the Tide in a 5-0 win over Toms River. The win completed a season sweep of Toms River and marked the Tide's second shut out of the season as we improved to an overall record of 4-0-2. 

Caeden Zarenkiewicz, Lexie Bucior, Abiga
5 Eagles!!!!

Our MVPS for the L-3 Dragons were from left to right we're, Caeden Zarenkiewicz, Lexie Bucior, Abigail Ulrich, Kaylianna Pretty, and Cash Horner. These 5 players played their hearts out. They played the entire game without a break, and dominated the entire game. They played so fluidly as a team, putting the pressure on the goal with Kaylianna scoring 2 goals, and Abigail with 2, and Caeden and Lexie with all the assists. Cash Horner was excellent in the goal not letting up one goal, and they all just did a wonderful job on defense, ensuring no one got past them. They played the entire game, rotating positions, and they didn't give up. They were so amazing to watch, and we are so proud to be their coaches. They were cold, tired, and fired up, and they all did such a great job! We are so proud of you Eagles 🦅! Go Go Go!!!! 

Owen Strange 11-12-18.jpeg
Owen Strange

M-6 Eagles MVP Owen Strange. Owen played very well today. He volunteered to come in and play without hesitation. He was helpful to all of his teammates when they needed a break, and was awesome on offense and defense. He was our clutch player today. He made sure to get involved in all the plays, and played when he was tired, and cold. He did such a good job, and he's a great asset to our team. He's the real deal when it comes to being a team player and that is why he was chosen as MVP for this week. Super Proud of you Owen! 

Liam Oneill 11-12-18.jpeg
Liam O'Neill

Liam O'Neill was Saturday's MVP. 2 great goals. One in which he slid in to meet the pass with his left foot. Great performance Liam.

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